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 PPC advertising for hotels, restaurants and e-shops

We are experts in online advertising and we specialize in the tourism and hospitality industry, especially in hotels and restaurants. Online advertising is an inseparable part of every marketing mix. The rate of growth of online supply and demand is as fast as ever before and if you do make your product visible, the orders will not come by themselves.

PPC advertising

The strongest tool of online marketing:

  • Search campaigns, display campaigns, remarketing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Google hotel ads 
  • Shopping campaigns - Google Shopping,,
  • Video advertising, discovery campaigns, mobile phone campaigns

We will make sure to find the best advertising system for you and your product.


Search engine optimization is a very important part of a website. Not only is it related to the site's position in organic search, but it is also an integral part of site quality assessment, which is important in PPC campaigns.

What can we offer you?

  • Administration of campaigns for hotels, restaurants and e-shops
  • Periodical reporting - using Google Data Studio and Google Analytics, your performance and results will be always available
  • Consulting - meetings and conference calls
  • Personal approach - we will get to know you and your product and develop a custom-built campaign strategy

Main advantages

PPC campaigns


Ability to influence the position in the search. If you don't make yourself visible to the customer, you can't sell the product.


The right message, to the right user at the right time.


Complete control over your budget. Monthly costs are set in advance.


Only pay when people take action - clicking to visit your website or call your business.


Campaigns can be started and stopped very quickly. Edited texts can display very quickly in a live environment.

Contact us:

Hanka is an online marketing specialist that focuses mostly on the hotel industry. She has 13 years of valued experience in hotel marketing. She fell to the PPCs 5 years ago and it became the main focus of her work. She enjoys constantly testing and analyzing new advertising opportunities. She's very passionate about all of her projects. 

Marek is the founder of VIRTUAL ZOOM, which is one of the market leaders with a portfolio of more than 400 clients in the hotel and e-commerce industries. Marek focuses mainly on the product development, marketing of hospitality projects and combining experimental development with practical application.

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